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 Forum Rules / Categories / Staff

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PostSubject: Forum Rules / Categories / Staff   Fri May 02, 2014 7:18 am

Before start i wanna note this is one of the most importanted thread from this forum.
Heres the place information where you will find information with what you can do off every categori, about forum rules, and also what obligations have every group

Before start i wanna escuze me for my bad english, im not from england im alien 

I wanna begin with Some rules

Forum Rules

The Topic Rules
[ Here i will post some rules before you create a topic ! ]

  • Before create topic be shourt this has not been already created with the same subject
  • You are not allowed to add links in your topic
  • Do not create useles topic, only if you need help , or if you wanna post important information .

The Reply Rules
[ Here i will post some rules before you create a reply ! ]

  • Dont post links
  • Dont SPAM
  • Dont insulte staff or other members
  • Dont make publicity site, servers, etc
  • Your reply is necesary to help you or thread author ( do not CHAT on the thread, let the author answer other reply [ only if u are moderator ] )
  • This is an english forum [ not support other language ]

[ general rules ]

  • Do not create multiple accounts
  • Name changes are illegal
  • Problem with moderators ? PM an Administrator
  • Problem with members ? PM an Moderator


Downloand Levelmod
Heres the place where "Administrators" post the latest version of levelmod ( latest version will be STICKED )
There is not the place for request plugin or ask about scripting help, you can only put your opinion about latest version and downloand it, this is all !

Off Topic / general Chat
Heres the place to make SPAM (yes) !
I made this section to talk about levelmod, and other things , if an category has not been made specialy for an object you can talk about on this section, example "an thread with levelmod items, pictures, etc",  "opinion about levelmod", etc ...

This section have 2 objectives
1. Request plugins ( need a plugin ? request it ! )
2. Post plugins ( if u create an plugin who use levelmod nativies,forwards please post it )
But take care !, only good plugins will stay, rest will be trashed please create plugin quality and not redudanlty
All plugins should work without any compilation warning or error !

API Scripting Help
There is the place for asking about scripting ( only if u wanna made an levelmod plugin ) , example if u use our forwards or our natives .. else thread will be trashed !

All useles and illegal threads will be moved here !

Stuff objectivs

Administrators have the next obligations :

1. Develop LEVEL MOD
2. Upgrade forum and post official announce
3. Add moderators, remove moderators

Moderators have the next obligations

1. If a plugin has been posted and is purly coded or redundeant , moderator will trash it
2. Should delete all useles/illegal reply
3. Should move all useles/illegal threads
4. Help members
5. Answer to PM ( if u got a problem )

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Join date : 2014-05-01

PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules / Categories / Staff   Fri May 02, 2014 7:19 am

Sorry for my bad english, i will update topic everytime i see an mistake or when is necesary !
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Forum Rules / Categories / Staff
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